CRC 1182 Karl August Möbius Fellowship

The CRC 1182 sponsors a long-term visit of a distinguished scientist by awarding a Karl August Möbius Fellowship (10,000 €*). The awardee will be given the opportunity to work in one or more of CRC 1182 laboratories. All members of CRC 1182 are invited to propose potential awardees.

Application Criteria:

  • Internationally recognized scientist
  • Research activities must be related to the CRC 1182 metaorganism research
  • Visit of the CRC 1182 should be between one week and a maximum of 2 month

Requests for Awardees:

  • An intense training aspect for early career researchers of the CRC 1182 has to be included in this stay.
  • A lecture open to the general public to increase visibility of the CRC 1182 has to be given.

Evaluation and Selection:

  • Evaluation by members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
  • Final decision by the Steering Committee members of the CRC 1182
  • The Karl August Möbius Fellowship will be handed to the awardee within the scope of her/his open lecture at Kiel University.


Potential awardees have to be proposed to the CRC 1182 office to


* Funding can only be used for CRC 1182 related projects and won’t be transmitted directly to the awardee.



2020 – Prof. Rob Knight (University of California San Diego)

Bildergebnis für rob knight

Award ceremony will be in fall 2020.

2019 – Prof. Martin J. Blaser (Rugers University)

November 12th 2019 – Award ceremony


2018 – Prof. Eugene Rosenberg (middle) und Dr. Ilana Zilber-Rosenberg  (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

June 5th 2018 – Award ceremony


2017 – Prof. Dr. Angela E. Douglas (Cornell University, Ithaca)

May 2nd 2017 – Award ceremony and opening of the exhibition Art of Metaorganisms