CRC 1182 Young Investigator Award

The aim of the Young Investigator Award is to support on one hand the junior researchers of the CRC 1182 by providing them the possibility to develop their independent research project, on the other hand it is for the whole CRC 1182 the possibility to gain new scientific input and more connections within the research projects.

Once a year the CRC 1182 supports 2 junior researchers with each 15,000 €*.

Who can apply?

  • Junior researchers (PhD students and postdocs max. 8 years after having obtained the doctoral degree) of the CRC 1182 and associated junior researchers of the CRC 1182 (working with CRC 1182 PIs on CRC 1182 topics).

Research Proposal:

  • Should extend already existing CRC 1182 activities.
  • Must be interdisciplinary and bridging different CRC 1182 research areas.
  • Funding can be used in a flexible manner (consumables, travel, personal (student helpers))*.
  • Proposal template has to be used for the application.

Evaluation and Selection:

  • Evaluation by selected Principal Investigators of the CRC 1182..
  • Final decision by the Steering Committee members of the CRC 1182.
  • The Young-Investigator-Award will be awarded in November 2019.


Proposals can only be accepted if submitted as a single PDF file with a maximum of five pages to

The next application phase will be in 2020.


* Funding can only be used for CRC 1182 related projects and won’t be transmitted directly to the awardee.



Shauni Doms (MPI, Plön)

Project Title: Characterization of Sirt4 and its relation to the gut microbiome and circadian rhythms in Drosophila.


Jinru He (CAU, Zoological Institut)

Project Title: Resolving Hydra-microbe interactions at single-cell resolution: a pilot scRNA-seq study for the CRC 1182 community.



Dr. Felix Sommer (CAU, Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology)

Project Title: Towards an in vitro model of the intestinal epithelial barrier: effects of protein energy malnutrition and single microbial factors.


Georgios Marinos (CAU, Institute for Experimental Medicine)

Project Title: Development and validation of a metabolic modeling-based approach for targeted dietary modulation of metaorganism structure and function.

Jakob von Frieling (CAU, Zoological Institute)

Project Title: Resilience of the host-microbiota homeostasis – effects of short periods of nutritional or antibiotic interventions on the epigenetic landscape on the fruit fly’s intestine.



Martin T. Jahn (GEOMAR)

Project Title: Implications of the virome on marine sponge holobionts.







Dr. Simon Güllert (CAU, Institute for General Microbiology)

Project Title: Investigation of small RNAs potentially involved in trans-kingdom communication between bacterial Buchnera endosymbionts and pea aphid host.