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CRC1182 Talks

On a regular basis, international renommated scientists who are experts in fields of interest to the CRC 1182 community, are invited to give a talk at the CRC 1182. The CRC 1182 talks are taking place mainly in the framework of the Biological Colloquium, which takes place every Monday at 4:15 pm. The talks are open to anyone interested.

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With this seminar series, the CRC 1182 aims to bring the young scientists (PhD students and postdocs) from the broader field of host-microbe interactions together. This event is meant to give the young researchers of the CRC 1182 a chance to interact and communicate with each other. The CRC 1182 strives to have a combination of 30 min talks from a PhD student and a postdoc and speakers should ideally be from different CRC 1182 subprojects. PhD students and postdocs are expected to attend. The speakers of the last seminar are always organizing the next seminar, including some snacks and drinks.

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The CRC 1182 offers on irregular basis workshops, which should extend already existing CRC 1182 activities.

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Möbius Fellowship

The CRC 1182 sponsors a long-term visit of a distinguished scientist by awarding a Karl August Möbius Fellowship (10,000 €*). The awardee will be given the opportunity to work in one or more of CRC 1182 laboratories. All members of CRC 1182 are invited to propose potential awardees.

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