CRC 1182 Retreat in Schleswig: Pre-Evalution Meeting

From October 24-26, the CRC 1182 held a pre evaluation meeting to prepare for the upcoming grant renewal application for a second funding phase. In this 2nd retreat in 2018, the CRC-members met with the Scientific Advisory Board, namely Margaret McFall-Ngai, University of Hawaii, Angela Douglas, Cornell University and Andreas Peschel, University of Tübingen, at Hotel Waldschlösschen to gain valuable advice on how to proceed both scientifically and structurally. As a keynote speaker, Fredrik Bäkhed from the University of Gothenburg gave insights into his work on the „Role of Normal Gut Microbiota in Metabolic Diseases“.

Over the course of meeting, all CRC PI’s and projects of the centre gave presentations of their achievements during the first phase and their future plans for the 2nd phase.  Over the next weeks the centre will now agree on new structures to be found and questions to be asked in the future of metaorganism research in Kiel and thus prepare for a succesful renewal.