Berchtesgaden Microbiome Science Days

Microbiome experts from Kiel, among them CRC 1182 members, joined the Microbiome Science Days, October 7/8, 2016 – Hotel Kempinski, Berchtesgaden

Friday, October 7
10:00 Welcome and Introduction Stefan Schreiber, Kiel

Session I: Basic Aspects
10:10 The role of blood group-related glycosyltransferases in shaping diversity
of the intestinal microbiota and susceptibility to inflammation John Baines, Kiel
10:35 The Holobiont Imperative Thomas Bosch, Kiel
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 Antibiotic resistomes around and within us Kristoffer Forslund, Heidelberg
11:55 Genome-wide host-microbiota association analysis of 1,812 individuals
identifies vitamin D receptor genetic variation and
other host factors shaping the gut microbiota Andre Franke, Kiel
12:20 Levels of genetic and functional diversity in the human intestinal microbiota Trevor Lawley, Cambridge
12:45 Presentations of young scientists Tim Lachnit, Kiel
Anne Breitrück, Rostock
Malte Rühlemann, Kiel
13:15– 14:00 Buffet Lunch

Session II: Metabolic Aspects
14:00 You are what you eat [sort of]: harnessing microbes for good health Susan Erdman, Cambridge/Massachusetts
14:25 The gut microbiome – from associations to causality Karsten Kristiansen, Kopenhagen
14:50 Meta-metabolomics in microbiome research: a comprehensive approach Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, München
15:15 Modulation of the gut-liver axis Vanessa Stadlbauer-Köllner, Graz
16:30– 17:00 Coffee Break
16:10 Presentations of young scientists Danica Bajic, München
Angela Horvath, Graz
Felix Sommer, Kiel
Tanja Verena Maier, München
Livia Hecke Morais, Cork
Benjamin Jensen, Kopenhagen
17:10 The Microbiome: A Key Regulator of Stress & Neurodevelopment Roman Stilling, Cork
17:35 State of the Art Lecture
17:35 Gut Microbiota, Epithelial Cells and Stem Cell Therapy in GI diseases Mamoru Watanabe, Tokyo
19:00 Dinner at Le Ciel

Saturday, October 8
11:05 Manipulation of gut microbiota: the nutrition paradigm Stefan Schreiber, Kiel

Session III: Clinical Science in the Making
09:00 Immune response – Tryptophan-Microbiome Dietmar Fuchs, Innsbruck
09:25 Human gut microbiome in Health and Disease Dusko Ehrlich, Paris
09:50 The Application of Microbiome to Clinical Care Gregor Reid, London/Ontario
10:15 From Microbiome to Inflammation: the problem of causality Philip Rosenstiel, Kiel
10:40 Host‐microbiome interactions in liver disease Bernd Schnabl, San-Diego
11:05 – 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 Manipulation of gut microbiotia: the nutrition paradigm Stefan Schreiber, Kiel
11:55 Dangerous liaisons between gene and microbiota: the example of Card9 in IBD Harry Sokol, Paris
12:20 Lessons from the German registry microbiome transfer study Maria Vehreschild, Köln
12:45 Microbiome control by host defense endogenous peptides Jan Wehkamp, Tübingen
13:05 Presentations of young scientists Jordan Bisanz, San Francisco
Bruno Lamas, Paris
Julia Eberl, München
Brendan Daisley, London/Ontario
13:45 Final discussion/closing remarks