CRC 1182 Travel Fellowship for GRC “Animal-Microbe Symbioses” – Call for Proposals

The CRC 1182 supports four junior researchers of the CRC 1182 to join the Gordon Research Conference “Animal-Microbe Symbioses” by sponsoring travel costs and conference fees. The conference will take place on June 11-16, 2017 in Mount Snow, West Dover, Vermont.

Application Deadline: 20th March 2017

Meeting Description
We are entering an era in which the critical functions of microbes in the biological world are increasingly recognized. One of the largest roles microorganisms play is in their associations with multicellular hosts. While the history of microbiology has to this point concentrated on pathogenic interactions, both scientists and the public are now aware of the even greater impact that they have on the health and evolution of their plant and animal partners.

The GRC on “Animal-Microbe Symbioses” seeks to promote the presentation and discussion of the most important and timely research in this exciting area of biology. The range of topics is broad, covering theoretical to applied approaches, using examples involving viruses, fungi, protists and bacteria, found in marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments. The conference invites junior and senior scientists alike to attend and participate fully in the examination of these topics, and to return to their own work with new insights, ideas and collaborations.

Who can apply?

  • Junior researchers (PhD students and postdocs max. 5 years after having obtained the doctoral degree) of the CRC 1182 and associated junior researchers of the CRC 1182 (working with CRC 1182 PIs on CRC 1182 topics).


  • Abstract for poster (max. 500 words).
  • Motivation letter about how your poster would contribute to one of the 9 scientific sessions of the GRC “Animal-Microbe Symbioses”.

Evaluation and Selection:

  • Evaluation by Prof. Dr. Ute Hentschel Humeida as member of the CRC 1182 Steering Committee and Vice Chair of the GRC “Animal-Microbe Symbioses” 2017 and the CRC 1182 member Prof. Dr. Nicole Dubilier, who chaired the GRC “Animal-Microbe Symbioses” in 2015.
  • Final decision by the Steering Committee members of the CRC 1182.
  • The awardees of the CRC 1182 travel fellowships will be announced at latest by April 12th, 2017.