Prize-Giving Ceremony: Karl August Möbius Fellowship 2017 – 02.05.2017

Karl August Möbius Fellowship 2017 Prize-Giving Ceremony on May 2nd

The CRC 1182 has decided to award the Karl August Möbius Fellowship 2017 to Prof. Angela Douglas (Cornell University, USA).
The Karl August Möbius Fellowship (endowed with 10.000 €) honours the lifetime achievement of a renowned researcher in the symbiosis field.
The award sponsors the visit and long-term collaborative work with one or more members of the CRC 1182.

The award ceremony is scheduled for May 2nd 2017 at 6:00 pm in the lecture room of the ZMB (4th floor).
The ceremony will include a lecture given by Angela Douglas followed by a reception. Please save the date!

The award evening will also include the official opening of an art exhibition “The Art of Metaorganisms”.
This exhibition will feature some elements of a previous exhibition organized by Angela Douglas in Cornell in 2014 (“Shifting the Paradigm: Microbes as Animal Help-Mates”)
and will be expanded with pictures and visual insights from organisms used by members of the CRC 1182.