Principal Investigator

Dipl. Inform. Sören Lorenz


GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel




1995 – 1996
Diploma thesis at Department of Neurobiology, Bielefeld University, Prof. Dr. Martin Egelhaaf: “Simulation der Bewegungsdetektion im visuellen System der Fliege” (Simulation of motion detection in the visual system of the fly)

1990 – 1996
Study Informatics for the Natural Sciences, Bielefeld University

Research Experience/Academic Appointments

since 2014
Head of the Computing Center, Managing Director for Information Systems and IT-Services, CAU

since 2012
Managing Director at the Service Center for Research, IT and strategic Innovation, CAU

2012 – 2014
Provisional Head of the Computing Center, CAU

2009 – 2012
Head of IT-Management, CAU

2007 – 2009
E-learning coordinator at the cluster of excellence “The Future Ocean”, CAU

1997 – 2007
Scientific Employee at the Department of Neurobiology, Bielefeld University Project Manager for “RUBIN – Computer based Teaching of biological information processing in neural networks“ (1998-1999), „Monist“ – Simulations for Brains” (2001-2004), Open Access Journal “Brains, Minds & Media” (2005-2007).

Important Scientific Prizes/Functions



since 2014
CAU representative in the General Assembly of DINI (German initiative for network information)

since 2012
Vice-Chairmann CIO-Panel CAU

since 2012
CAU representative in the General Assembly of ZKI (Centers for communication and information processing in higher education), Germany

since 2011
Research Data Management Panel (Founding Member), CAU

Member of the IT-Strategy Panel, ZKI

2009 – 2012
Managing Director and member of the CIO-Panel, CAU